Sound Modding#

Getting Sounds Played#

To have sounds be played in-game, you need the audio event name. To get this, go into a private match and enter in the console:sv_cheats 1 and then:ns_print_played_sounds 1. Then do whatever plays the audio you want to replace and find the event name in the console’s output. After that, go to your mod’s folder (the one with your mod.json), and make a new folder called audio. For each sound you want to replace, make a folder named the same as the event, and also a .json file called the same as the event. In the folder put the audio files which should play.

In your name_of_audio_event.json, put the following:

    "EventId": [ "name_of_audio_event" ],
    "AudioSelectionStrategy": "random"

In EventId put the event name, and in AudioSelectionStrategy enter random or sequential. If you choose random, the game will pick a random sound from the folder and play it. If you pick sequential, the sounds will be looped over in alphebetically order.

Creating Your Sound#

Recommended tool: Audacity

Open/Add your audio as a track to Audacity and set your sample rate to either 48000hz or 44100hz. In Audacity, select your entire track, open the effects dropdown menu, then click Change Speed. In the dialog set either Speed Multiplier to 0.918 or Percent Change to -8,200. After that, export your track as .wav and make sure you don’t add any metadata.