JSON Parsing#

Northstar provides two functions to handle JSON and tables:

  • EncodeJSON() to parse a table into a JSON string.

  • DecodeJSON() to parse json into a table.

Paired with HTTP Requests, this allows you to send and retrieve JSON data from external sources.



The JSON parser currently supports the following types for values: string, integer, float, bool, table, and array.

Tables and arrays can only hold supported types. Unsupported types will be ignored. Keys can only be strings.

The JSON parser currently does not support keys holding null values, and simply won’t include them in decoded tables or encoded JSON strings.

table DecodeJSON(string json, bool fatalParseErrors = false)#

Converts a JSON string to a Squirrel table.


  • string json - The JSON string to decode into a table.

  • [OPTIONAL] bool fatalParseErrors - Whether or not parsing errors should throw a fatal script error. Default to false.


  • The table decoded from the JSON string on success, or an empty table {} on parse failure (if fatalParseErrors is false).

string EncodeJSON(table data)#

Converts a Squirrel table to a JSON string.


  • table data - The table to encode to a JSON string.


  • The JSON string parsed from the Squirrel table.