Getting Started#

Northstar supports the creation of many user mods. This guide will teach you the basics of modding to get you started.

Check out the usage section for further information, including installation.


This guide assumes you have basic understanding with programming and know how to use developer environments. Listed below are tools useful for exporting file formats

If you’d like a more lengthy set of tutorials covering many topics. Look at: Modding Tutorials


To get started with modding for Northstar, we recommend getting yourself some tools. Check out the Modding Tools section for more information.

Quick Start#

In order to get started with making your mod, create a folder in R2Northstar/mods. While it isn’t required, it is best practise by mod authors to follow the naming scheme Author.ModName, such as Northstar.Client.

After making this folder, inside it add a folder named mod and a file named mod.json.

Provided is a template mod.json, for a detailed list of values read the Cheatsheet

   "Name": "Yourname.Modname",
   "Description": "Woo yeah wooo!",

   "LoadPriority": 0,
   "ConVars": [],
   "Scripts": [],
   "Localisation": []

Inside the mod folder, existing files found in the engine’s virtual file system will be overwritten and new files can be added. If you need to define new Squirrel files (.nut/.gnut) they must be declared in the "Scripts" array in mod.json. An example for this might be:

"Scripts": [
      "Path": "path/to/file.nut",
      "RunOn": "( CLIENT || SERVER ) && MP"
      "Path": "path/to/another_file.nut",
      "RunOn": "( CLIENT || SERVER ) && MP",
      "ClientCallback": {
         "Before": "ClientPreMapspawnThing",
         "After": "AfterMapspawnClientThing"
      "ServerCallback": {
         "Before": "ServerPreMapspawncrap",
         "After": "ServerAfterMapspawnWoo"

"Path" indicates where the script is, "RunOn" is the Squirrel VM context (see Squirrel VM) as an expression, and "ClientCallback" and "ServerCallback" specify a function call that can be "Before" and/or "After" map-spawn.


This project is under active development.