Integers in Squirrel are 32 bit signed integers and can be any whole number (in the 32 bit confines).

An Integer is a primitive type with a default value of 0.

The type keyword for Integers is int.


Integers can be represented with multiple different literals.

  • Decimal

    Regular decimal letters will always be an integer decimal literal. .. code-block:

    int n = 123
  • Hexadecimal

    If any number is prefixed with 0x, it is a hexadecimal literal.

    int n = 0x0012 // 18
  • Octal

    Numbers starting with a 0 are octal literals.

    int n = 075 // 61
  • Chars

    A single letter or escaped sequence are character literals. Their value is the ASCII value of the letter.

    int a = 'a' // 97
    int newline = '\n' // 10