entity PlayerMeleeLungeConeTrace(entity plaer, int callback)#

Do a lunge cone trace returning the target closest to center of screen

array<VisibleEntityInCone> PlayerMelee_FindVisibleEntitiesInCone(entity playerTitan)#

Returns an array of entities that are inside a cone and visible to the player

table PlayerMelee_AttackTrace( entity player, float range, bool functionref( entity attacker, entity target ) isValidTargetFunc )

Do a trace for potential melee targets in front of player. Returns a table with keys entity and position, which is the hit entity and position

bool PlayerMelee_IsExecutionReachable(entity attacker, entity target, number dist)#
bool PlayerMelee_IsServerSideEffects()#
void PlayerMelee_StartLagCompensateTarget(entity attacker, entity target)#
void PlayerMelee_StartLagCompensateTargetForLunge(entity attacker, entity target)#
void PlayerMelee_FinishLagCompensateTarget(entity attacker)#