Custom Damage Source IDs#

Custom damage source IDs can be used to create new damage source IDs for modded weapons, abilities, damage, etc.

They can only be registered server-side and cannot modify existing damage source IDs. Clients pre-1.9.4 will not see the custom damage sources in the obituary.

To add a single damage source ID, use:

void RegisterWeaponDamageSource(string weaponRef, string damageSourceName)#

To add multiple damage source IDs, use

void RegisterWeaponDamageSources(table<string, string> newValueTable)#

The first string parameter is the in-code weapon name while the latter is the name displayed in the obituary.

Damage source IDs should be added in "After" server callbacks.

For example, we can call the methods from a function in damage_source_example.nut:

global function SimpleSourceInit

void function SimpleSourceInit()
    // Server-side code

    // Register a single damage source ID
    RegisterWeaponDamageSource( "mp_weapon_minigun", "Minigun" )

    // Register multiple damage source IDs
            mp_titanweapon_barrage_core_launcher = "Barrage Core",
            mp_titanweapon_grenade_launcher = "Grenade Launcher"

Then call the function as an "After" server callback in the mod.json:

    "Scripts": [
            "Path": "damage_source_example.nut",
            "RunOn": "SERVER && MP",
            "ServerCallback": {
                "After": "SimpleSourceInit"

Now, these damage source IDs can be referenced in script like so:


and their corresponding precached weapons (if applicable) will automatically use their custom damage source IDs.