Publishing your mod#

Best practices#

Make sure to name your mod in the form <your name>.<mod name>, similar to the existing default mods, like Northstar.Client, Northstar.CusomServer, Note that the Northstar name (Northstar.Xyz) is reserved for mods that come with the Northstar install and should therefore not be used.

It is recommended to upload the source code of your mod to a public repository like Github to give your users a place to suggest changes and leave feedback in an organised manner.


The best place to publish your mod is Thunderstore. To do so, you need to package your mod as a zip with a specific folder structure. You can either set the structure up manually or use this GitHub template

Package structure#

The Thunderstore package zip structure is as follows:

mods/<your name>.<mod name>/
  • icon.png: 256x256px icon for your mod.

  • the description page for your mod

  • manifest.json outlined here

You can put multiple mods in the mods/ folder, but only do this if neccessary.

manifest.json checker:


After you have set up the folder structure, head to and log in with either Discord or Github. Then you can use the Upload button at the top of the page to upload your zip.

When uploading, it will verify your package structure and you can publish after it’s successfully checked.

To update a mod, change the version in mod.json and manifest.json, and upload again. If the mod name is the same, it will update the previous version.