For your content to reach as many people as possible, it is important to have it translated in users’ natural language. This guide will help you do that!

Languages list#

Languages natively supported by Titanfall2 are:

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Traditional Chinese ("tchinese")

Create translation files#

Here’s what a translation file looks like:

    "Language" "english"
        "MENU_LAUNCH_NORTHSTAR" "Launch Northstar"
        "MENU_TITLE_MODS" "Mods"
        "RELOAD_MODS" "Reload Mods"
        "WARNING" "Warning"
        "CORE_MOD_DISABLE_WARNING" "Disabling core mods can break your client!"
        "DISABLE" "Disable"

It begins with the "lang" instruction, contains a "Language" key indicating language of current file’s translations, and a "Token" key indexing all translations.


If the translation file contains any non-ASCII character, it must use "UTF-16 LE" encoding.

You’ll have to create one file per supported language, and all your files must be named in a similar fashion.

For example, Northstar translation files are named "northstar_client_localisation_english.txt", "northstar_client_localisation_french.txt", "northstar_client_localisation_german.txt" etc.

You can import them from your mod.json manifesto this way:

    "Localisation": [


The "%language%" syntax allows VM to load up translations matching game language (e.g. an English client will automatically use "northstar_client_localisation_english.txt" file)

Use translations in your code#

To translate UI elements like menus, you have to insert strings containing your translation keys, preceded by a #.

For example, to translate the “Launch Northstar” button on main menu, instead of calling:

AddComboButton( comboStruct, headerIndex, buttonIndex++, "Launch Northstar" )

We’ll use:

AddComboButton( comboStruct, headerIndex, buttonIndex++, "#MENU_LAUNCH_NORTHSTAR" )

You can also use the Localize method client-side:


Northstar translations#

Northstar adds new strings to the game which can be localised to match the language you are using on your Titanfall 2 installation.

They’re all located in "Northstar.Client" mod: Northstar localisation files on GitHub


To test your modifications, change your game language: with Origin, go to Origin (My games library) -> Titanfall 2 (right click) -> Game Properties -> Advanced Launch Options; with Steam, go to Titanfall 2 page -> Manage (cog) -> Properties -> Language.